Gay chatroulette

Gay Chatroulette free Gay Chatroulette is exactly what it sounds like: an opportunity to quickly pair up with a random gay person anywhere in the world for a quick chat, with many of the conversations available as webcam-based conversations.

Visitors can enter and leave the conversation at any point by starting a different random conversation if they get bored. The whole concept was created by Andrey Ternovsky, a Russian high school student who got the idea after a series of Skype chats with friends.

What is it?
The gay version of Chatroulette is based off of the initial site created by Ternovsky, but ostensibly is just for those interested in the gay lifestyle. Obviously, with a cam to cam website concept like gay Chatroulette, there is a high potential for sharing obscene or pornographic materials.

Some users note that as many as 1 in 8 spins yielded someone either naked or actively involved in a sexual act. This was exacerbated by the fact that the site is based almost entirely on Adobe Flash platform, which is now mostly outdated. Flash was needed to access the user’s webcam to provide the free online chat experience. Users are required to affirm that they are a minimum of sixteen years of age, and now have to provide limited demographic information such as their name and email address.

However, it is still thought that the main contact information found on gay Chatroulette is unlikely to be real or true. The site has been modified to allow users to add a profile photo or an icon to indicate themselves, and users can also add their primary language, and give a little more background information such as what type of games and movies as well as music that they like.


As you can imagine, the rules are relatively loose for gay Chatroulette. In recent years, there have been some additional blocks put in place in an attempt to limit offensive content such as allowing users to block someone who has offended at least three people within a five minute period.

Those users are typically blocked for at least half an hour and sometimes as long as an hour or more, depending on the number of people who have requested that they be blocked. The level of anonymity of the site makes it difficult to consider prosecuting anyone for any type of act that they want to perform, therefore it has become a breeding ground for nudity, masturbation and age-bashing with users over 30 frequently lampooned for being “too old”.

Tips and Suggestions

If you are interested in the gay Chatroulette scene, be sure you are finding a site that actually has people on it! Some of the highest-rated (or at least most promoted sites) barely have any activity, so you will be hard-pressed to find anyone to chat with.

You also will want to look around to find a gay Chatroulette site that provides you the level of commitment that you are looking for—are you looking for someone truly to chat with, or just a quick, hot session? No matter your choice, you are certain to find something worth pursuing in the hundreds of different knock-off sites available online.

Keep in mind that you are unlikely to find your true love in a gay Chatroulette site. These generally are not people looking for the love of their life; more likely they are looking for their love of the minute.

That is not necessarily a bad thing, and if you need to stay entertained on an evening when you do not feel like going out, gay Chatroulette may be a viable alternative to yet another dingy and depressing bar scene.

However, do not be surprised if you see a large number of aging grandfather-types looking for love in all the wrong places or just looking for someone to watch while they have a little lesson in self-pleasure. And do not be offended if someone ‘Nexts’ you quickly; they may just be offended if you are not naked. Or possibly if you are.