Lesbian Chatroulette

What is lesbian chat?

Contrary to popular opinion lesbian chat rooms are not purely used to find dates and potential loves. This is definitely one of the core uses of them, however many women also choose to use these online chatting service to talk to people who are in a similar position to them, to find support or just to talk about similar interests.

Thanks to the beauty of the World Wide Web you can pretty much find anything that you want these days, so as you can imagine there is no shortage of chat rooms to be found online. Some of them are free, but there are also some that require a subscription fee. There are also more niche sites that cater to specific interests.

Most popular lesbian chat rooms

  • ICQ Lesbian Chat
    This is mostly popular for women who just want to chat without the pressure of seeking romance. Although some using do use the chat for dating, the main purpose is simply to make new friends and discuss common interest. This chat room is also completely free to use and there is no need to register.
  • Grrl2Grrl
    This chat room is purely focused on romance, and is set up to let women connect with other singles that they could potentially be a good match with. It is also completely free.
  • CuriousLove
    This site is probably one of the more sophisticated free chat rooms out there right now. It is primarily a dating site, not just for lesbians but also for bisexual people or just women that are curious about their sexuality. The chat rooms themselves are fully optimised for vide chat, and this is free to use as are the instant messaging and email features.
  • Metro Date
    Metro Date is another site that makes good use of vide chat. Not only can user’s video chat but they can also set up full video profiles and use these to connect with other singles on the site.

Tips for using

  • Look for a site that suits you
    It’s important that you find a lesbian video chat room that is suited to you. For instance if you’re not too worried about looking for love then you will want to avoid the chat rooms that are attached to dating sites or marketed as a way to meet singles.
  • Check the rules
    Before you begin it’s important that you check the rules and regulations of the chat room itself. For example, it may be a free registration but will you be required to pay to use seemingly basic features such as email following this registration. It’s also important that you check the privacy policies of the site as well as the general rules for chatting.
  • Have fun
    Finally, just enjoy yourself. The beauty of communicating online is that you don’t need to worry about what you look like, or making that perfect first impression, you can simply relax and enjoy the exciting atmosphere.